Books to Read

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These are some of our favourite books on Ucluelet, the west coast, natural and cultural history:

Kayaking in the Broken Group Islands by JF Marleau

Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long Distance Touring by John Dowd

Navigation by David Burch

Island Paddling by Mary Ann Snowden

The Starship and the Canoe by Kenneth Brower

Watching Whales by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Our Ecological Footprint by Mathis Wackernagel & William Rees

Klee Wyck by Emily Carr

Outdoor Leadership: Technique, Common Sense & Self Confidence by John Graham

British Columbia: A Natural History by Cannings and Cannings

Whelks to Whales by Rick Harbo

The Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life in the Pacific Northwest by Duane Sept

Plants of Coastal British Columbia Including Washington, Oregon and Alaska by Pojar and MacKinnon

Birds of Coastal British Columbia by Nancy Baron

Cedar: Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians by Hilary Stewart

Indian Fishing by Hillary Stewart

Vancouver Island: Barkley to Clayoquot Sound by Matthew Maran

West Coast Fossils: A Guide to the Ancient Life of Vancouver Island by Ludvigsen and Beard

Hiking The West Coast Of Vancouver Island by Tim Leadem

The Wild Coast 1: A Kayaking, Hiking and Recreational Guide for North and West Vancouver Island by John Kimantas

Visions of the Wild: A Voyage by Kayak Around Vancouver Island by Maria Coffey and Dag Goering

Voices from the Sound: Chronicles of Clayoquot Sound and Tofino by Margaret Horsfield

Clayoquot: The Sound of My Heart by Betty Shriver Krawczyk

Chasing Clayoquot: A Wilderness Almanac by David Pitt-Brooke

The BC coast explorer by John Kimantas

Your Kayak Trip of a Lifetime Awaits

Kayaking Ucluelet, Tofino, the Broken Group Islands and Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island, BC is truly majestic!