Kayaks for Sale

We sell our kayaks every fall & winter because we love getting new kayaks when spring arrives. All of our kayaks are well-maintained, and we’re happy to offer you the best of our fleet for a fair price. Please contact us for details.

Note: Sample photo representations of kayaks may vary depending on availability
Single Size KayaksModelYearColourPrice
Nimbus (Sport)2016Red/White$2,665.00 +tx
Nimbus (Solander)2016Ivory/Grey/White$2,665.00 + tx
Nimbus (Sport)2016Yellow/white$2,665.00 + tx
Seaward (Luna Grande)Yellow/White$2,197.00 + tx
Nimbus (Telkwa)2014Orange/White$2,365.00 + tx
Nimbus (Telkwa)2016Yellow/Green/White$2,665.00 + tx
Nimbus (Telkwa)2014Mango/White/Cardinal Red$2,365.00 + tx
Nimbus (Telkwa)2011Blue/Blue/White$2,100.00 +tx

Double Size KayaksModelYearColourPrice
Seaward (Southwind)2015Yellow/White$2,900.00 +tx
Seaward (Passat G3)2014Green/White$2,800.00 + tx
Seaward (Passat G3)2013Red/White$2,600.00 + tx

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Kayaks For Sale