Day Trips

Discover the thrill of ocean kayaking for a day.  Choose from the several areas that we visit, all with a variety of wildlife and plant life throughout the changing seasons.

We provide everything you need; transportation, lessons from certified guides, top of the line kayaking equipment and paddle clothing.

Full day trips include gourmet picnic lunches with our famous kayaking cookies and homemade lemonade.  If you have allergies, or if you are vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free, let us know when you make the reservation and we will customize a lunch for you.

Ucluelet HarbourKayaking half day trip $79 per person

Ucluelet Harbour 3 hour kayaking tour.

Watch for black bears ambling along the shore, river otters playing, Great Blue Herons stalking and eagles circling overhead. Seals pop their heads up to check you out, sea lions bark as you paddle by and the iridescent seaweed dances around colorful sea stars and other intertidal life. 

Learn to paddle on your own in a single kayak or share a double with a friend.

Barkley Sound/Toquaht Bay kayaking day tripKayaking day trip $189 per person

Barkley Sound Wilderness kayaking day trip

4.5 hours of kayaking plus van transportation to/from Toquaht Bay/secret beach.

Explore the many islands of Barkley Sound, watch for local wildlife and fascinating intertidal life with your guide. 

Relax on a white sandy beach for a gourmet picnic lunch.

Barkley Sound/Outside WatersKayaking day trip $169 per person

Barkley Sound/Outside waters kayaking day trip

We launch from the beach at our kayaking base here in Ucluelet.  4.5 hours of kayaking on this day trip, where you will paddle the islands outside of the Ucluelet Harbour.   

Watch for the abundant wildlife including a sea lion haul out, eagles, seals, whales, and bears by kayak.

Relax on a white sandy beach for a gourmet picnic lunch.

Broken Group IslandsKayaking and whale watching day trip $329 per person

Broken Group Islands

4.5 hours of kayaking plus whale watching/wildlife viewing.  

Watch for whales and marine life on route to the Pacific Rim National Park. A thrilling ride by cruiser boat that easily carries all the equipment, kayaks and people.

Kayak with your guide through quiet coves and tiny islands, discover the intertidal splendor and abundant wildlife. 

Relax on a white sandy beach for a gourmet picnic lunch.