Here is Travis racing a gray whale on his day off

Eagles, seals, sealions, otters, black bears and whales.  These are what we most commonly see on the kayak tours.  The wildlife is abundant, this is such a healthy environment and rich with life and food for all.

We are having daily sightings of sea lions and eagles.  The Black bears are out feeding so we are able to get a really good look at them from the kayaks, they don't seem to be afraid of the kayaks and as long as we are quiet we can watch them foraging along the shoreline.

It is also fun to get out and see the local area, the quiet and natural areas and the beauty of the rainforest, and the sea sculpted landscapes.

I went out kayaking with some friends that were visiting our local area of Ucluelet and Tofino, this was their first time in kayaks, we took them out to the mouth of Ucluelet Harbour for a short 3 hour paddle and we had so much fun, it was a little bit wavy on the water, the sun was nice.  This was an amazing experience for our friend who is now completely spoiled with having such a fantastic first time experience kayaking.

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